Invest in the right place

We invest in your needs at every step

Our free consultation gives you the chance to meet us in person, and tell us about your studies. We will devise you a tuition plan after the consultation, which will be ready for you if you decide to join us.


90 minute sessions cost about £30*

*Prices vary by qualification. Please get in touch for more information.

You will be invoiced monthly, you can set up an automatic standing order to make things easier or simply settle your balance manually. Membership cancellation has a standard 1 month notice period.

During each tuition session, you will continue with the personalised tuition plan in either maths or science, whichever is applicable. We will make sure the tuition plan is up to date and discuss any outstanding items, and then embark on the learning experience for the current topic of interest. Our sessions are very inspirational, and each session is completely tailored to your needs. We do not do any computer activity learning, so you can be sure your learning comes from an actual person.

Helping from Home

Support at home is a very effective element of the learning journey.


Regular attendance is really important in the learning journey. Students often revisit concepts from one session to the next. When sessions are skipped, the likelihood of forgetting important factual information increases dramatically. It also slows down the completion of the tuition plan. We will always have our tutors there to help, and we encourage you to come too.


2 Way Reporting

We'll provide you with regular progress reports based on progress tests and observations from each session. If you can provide us with your input and feedback, as well as school reports, we can incorporate it into our tutoring services.



Having a positive attitude to learning is the most important aspect of a learning journey. Encouragement at home and at the tuition club is key to success.



The personalised tuition plan will have tonnes of resources in it. When new or tricky concepts have been covered, it's much easier to remember them by revisiting them within a couple of days at home, rather than waiting until the next session. Encouragement to read and have a practice can really help.



All the resource and service we provide is to make life a little easier for you during the learning journey. We work hard to ensure you can work smart. Follow our advice and guidance and you will improve at a much quicker rate, and to a higher standard. Our structure and expertise is there to help your reach your potential.

If you have doubt about whether you need tuition, there's no doubt

See how we can help, we'll point you in the right direction.



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