Our Mission

The Stories of Success

Our Story

Essential Tuition Ltd was set up by me, Martin Pye, a graduate in masters of Aerospace Engineering. I achieved a first class and distinction which takes a lot of hard work, and a self critical understanding of the learning journey. After graduating with a top masters degree, I started helping younger students with maths and science. Eventually, CyberTutor Ltd was born in 2011, consisting mainly of online tuition. There was a large demand for local face to face private tuition, and a few years later, Chelmsford Tuition Club resulted, and the name changed to Essential Tuition Ltd to reflect the broad nature of our services. The tuition club has a very high standard for staff training and tuition delivery. Consequently, our past students have achieved excellent results.


Our Students progress about 2.5 times faster than average*

*Based on historic results compared to national statistics and average progression

Students willing to listen to our advice, work hard, and become an active member in their education, will progress faster with a higher aptitude

We have built a vast experience of what works and what doesn't work over 12 years and many students. It goes without saying that all students are different; learning style, motivations, natural ability, foundational knowledge, and much more. We don't have a one size fits all approach, we dapat our service to each student. This is really important, as progression comes at different paces for different students over different content. We do not expect every student to get straight A's, but we do support and enroucrage students to reach their targets.

Success is when our students simply reach their potential

Behind the Scenes

At the forefront of our tuition service, students observe support, guidance, and teaching in a friendly atmosphere. There is so much more to what we do, the complexities behind the scenes if you like. We do this out of view so students do not get overwhelmed with information.

Attitude to Learning

It's inevitable that students lose interest at various points. Maybe they have a bad day, a rough week, a big life event, or are generally not inspired by the current topic of learning. Whatever the situation, we quietly take note and monitor over a period of time. In the meantime, we will up the enthusiasm, try to distract and motivate, and ultimately dampen the cause of the reduced interest. We do this through various mechanism discretely, without drawing any attention. However, sometimes this doesn't work, in which cases we will employ a very relaxed enquiry to try and find a little more out. We will do our best to find the broad (or even exact) root cause of what is happening. We then work with the student to improve their attitude to learning. Whether it be a support issue, a personal issue, school, teaching, or any other issue that could affect mindset towards education, we will help. This is all part of our services, because our tutoring is not just about teaching topics. It's about nurturing the mind to be a better learner. To learn more, get in contact with us and we will be happy to answer more questions.


Assessment Objectives

Exam boards, the DfE, Ofsted, and various other authoritative organisations look for certain skills in assessment. These skills are examined as assessment objectives. They vary from subject to qualification, but we ensure that we are tracking these skills and tutoring students with this in mind. Students won't necessarily be overloaded with this information, we do it with them as part of the service.


Grade Tracking

Our grade tracking system allows us to break down a whole qualification into smaller areas, and even individual topics. This gives us scope to pin point where we should focus our efforts. Students are given this information in reports, but we will always adjust the tuition services we give to ensure those topics are understood better bfore progressing. We take the stress away from knowing what to study and when, by directing tuition in the right areas at the right time.


Smart Tuition

Our tuition plans are purposeful, they are personalised, and they are powerful. This means students and parents can be comforted knowing that we are making all the difficult decisions for them. Furthermore, when things don't go to plan, we will analyse, and ensure that the best course of action is taken for progression. That might mean we cover something in greater detail again and again if it is a fundamental concept, but more abstract parts can be side lined if time is critical. Either way, the stress is taken from you.


Targets are Met

When students do what we say, take some control, practice, and have a good attitude to learning, they succeed. We have seen it time and time again, and it works. We tutor from all angles, and will give honest feedback about progression.

If you have doubt about whether you need tuition, there's no doubt

See how we can help, we'll point you in the right direction.



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