New A level maths syllabus

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New education policies by Ofsted have dictated changes to the whole of the education maths syllabus. Amongst other things, the changes require the old modular a level syllabus to be changed to a linear one.

What does this mean?

A level maths typically involved 6 modules, more often or not consisting of core 1 to 4, mechanics 1/2 and or Statistics 1/2. The first 3 modules made up an AS level, and the last 3 upgraded AS level to an A level. Each module had an exam that was taken at a convenient point throughout the year, and could be retaken the next year if it wasn't quite the result you wanted. 

Now, the system is linear, so instead of 6 modular exams, you have 3 exams, all taken at the end of the 2 year A level. The content is largely the same, but it is joined into 3 exams, instead of individual maths exams.

Is it harder?

Hard to say really, it may be harder in that the content is all bunched together in the exam, and not separated into modular content. However, you'll get to know the requirements in each exam through the course. 

How do i get help?

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options and required learning outcomes.