New KS3 maths syllabus

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New education policies by Ofsted have dictated changes to the whole of the education maths syllabus. Amongst other things, the changes require the old KS3 grading system to be replaced.

What does this mean?

Well the system isn't as easy to understand as we'd all like. Basically, schools are required to set up a local grading system rather than using a national grading system. This means you will be compared against your peers, rather than the whole country. It is aimed at giving a little more relevance in feedback that you get.

Is it harder?

No, it hasn't changed really. In fact it finishes in the second year of high school (Yr 8). Yr 9 onwards follow the New GCSE 9-1 syllabus, so its actually a 3 year course. Students won't notice the difference in content all that much, but they might notice a difference in grading and feedback.

How do i get help?

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options and required learning outcomes.